Braid Rope

  • Ropes are either twisted or braided.
  • Twisted ropes are more affordable. They are however not as strong as braided rope
  • Braids do not unravel as easily as twisted rope and so are much more reliable.
  • Single braid is often used as a temporary lashing.
  • Double braid is very strong hard wearing and is a popular choice for industrial uses.
  • Does not lay flat and is available in a rage of materials.
  • Third type of braided rope is the kernmantle .It is a specialized rope.
  • Kernmantle braided rope are used for rock climbing where a specific amount of strength, abrasion resistance and stretch is needed.
  • Braided ropes excellent resistance to abrasion wet/ dry, cyclic loading, sunlight, chemicals and same performance wet/dry.

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